Write a C program to calculate profit or loss

C program to calculate profit or loss :

In this tutorial, we will learn how to find the profit or loss . We will get the cost price and selling price from the user and store it in different variables. And next, we will check if the user had made a profit or loss by finding the difference between cost price and selling price : selling price - cost price. If the value is more than 0, means _selling price _ is more than cost price , so the user has made a profit. Else, loss. We will also print out the value of the loss or profit.

C program :

int main()
  int cost_price,sell_price,result;

  printf("Enter cost price : \n");

  printf("Enter selling price : \n");

  result = sell_price - cost_price;

  if(result > 0){
  	printf("Profit : %d\n",result);
  	printf("Loss : %d\n",-result);
  return 0;

Sample Output :

Enter cost price :
Enter selling price :
Profit : 100

Enter cost price :
Enter selling price :
Loss : 200