C program to pass different types of arguments to a function :

In this C programming tutorial, we will learn how to pass different types of arguments to a function and how to print their values. This program is for beginner level and you will get the basic understanding of how a function works in C.

What our program will do :

– Suppose we are working on an application. The application is only for users above 18 years. Our program will verify the age and print out one message to the user.
– The program will ask to enter name and age.
– Then it will pass the name and age (both are different types of arguments) to a different function. This function will verify the age and print one message.

C program :

#include < stdio.h >

void validateUserAge(char* name,int age){
    if(age < 18){
        printf("Sorry %s! You cannot register on this Application.\n",name);
        printf("Hello %s! Welcome to our Application.\n",name);

int main()
    char name[100];
    int age;

    printf("Enter your name : ");

    printf("Enter age : ");

    return 0;

Explanation :

The commented numbers in the above program denote the step number below :

1. name is a character array that will hold the user input string.age is an integer to hold the age.
2. Ask the user to enter the name. Read and save it in name variable.
3. Similarly, ask the user to enter the age. Save it in variable age.
4. Call validateUserAge function to validate the age.
5. validateUserAge function takes two different types of inputs. The first one is character pointer variable and second one is integer variable.
6. Check if the age is less than 18 or not. If yes, print that he cannot register on the application, else greet the user.

Output :

Enter the name : Albert
Enter age : 17
Sorry Albert! You cannot register on this Application.

Enter the name : Alex
Enter age : 27
Hello Alex! Welcome to our Application.
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