C# program to swap two numbers using XOR

How to swap two numbers using XOR in C#:

XOR operator can be used to swap two numbers. This is a bitwise operation and it converts the number to binary and performs XOR on each digit of both numbers.

In C#, XOR is denoted by ^.

The below algorithm is used to swap two numbers using XOR:

first = first ^ second
second = first ^ second
first = first ^ second

Where first and second are the first and second numbers.

We can write a C# program that will take both numbers as input from the user and swap them using XOR.

C# program:

Below is the complete C# program:

using System;

public class Program
	public static void Main()
		int first,second;
		Console.WriteLine("Enter the first number : ");
		first = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine());
        Console.WriteLine("Enter the second character : ");
       	second = int.Parse(Console.ReadLine());
		Console.WriteLine("Before swapping first = {0}, second = {1}",first,second);
		first = first ^ second;
		second = first ^ second;
		first = first ^ second;
		Console.WriteLine("After swapping first = {0}, second = {1}",first,second);


  • first and second are two integer variables to hold the user input values.
  • It is reading these numbers as input from the user.
  • It prints the numbers before and after swapping is done.
  • For swapping, it uses XOR similar to the algorithm we discussed above.

Sample output:

If you run this program, it will give output as like below:

Enter the first number : 
Enter the second character : 
Before swapping first = 10, second = 11
After swapping first = 11, second = 10

As you can see here, the entered numbers are swapped.

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