Dart program to check if an integer is odd or even

Introduction :

Dart integer class contains two properties to check if a number is even or odd. We can check these properties to find out quickly if a number is odd or even. In this tutorial, I will show you how to do that :

isEven and isOdd :

isEven and isOdd are two boolean values that you can access in an integer variable in dart. Just check for these values to find out if a number is odd or even.

In the below example, we will take one number as input from the user and find out if it is odd or even.

Example program :

import 'dart:io';

void main() {
  int number;

  print("Enter a number : ");
  number = int.parse(stdin.readLineSync());

  if (number.isEven) {
    print("$number is an even number");
  } else if (number.isOdd) {
    print("$number is an odd number");

Sample Output :

Enter a number :
12 is an even number

Enter a number :
13 is an odd number

dart iseven isodd

Note that it will also work for negative numbers. For example, if your number is -12, it will print as an even number.

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