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Dart keywords explanation with examples

Introduction :

Keywords are treated differently. Like other programming languages, keywords are words you can’t use as identifiers. Actually, you can use a few keywords as identifiers but you shouldn’t if you want to follow the best practices.


Built-in identifiers :

These identifiers are valid identifiers. But you can’t use them as the prefix for imports, class name or type names. Following are these identifiers :


abstract, dynamic, implements, as, import
static, interface, export, library, external
mixin, factory, Function, operator, typedef
covariant, get, part, set, deferred


contextual keywords :

These are valid identifiers but have meaning only in specific places.


async, show, on
hide, sync


Reserved words :

You can’t use any reserved words as identifier. These are espicifically designed for the dart language.


assert, enum, else, extends, in
super, is, switch, this, case
break, true, false, throw, new
final, class, null, try, const
finally, var, continue, for, default
rethrow, while, do, if, return
with, catch,

Other than these keywords, two more keywords were introduced in Dart 1.0 :


await, yield

You can’t use these keywords as an identifier in any async, async* or sync* function.

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