Firebase using Android Studio : Part 1 : Introduction

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Android Introduction to Firebase

“Firebase” is a backend platform that helps you to create a cross-platform application without having much server side knowledge. In this tutorial series, we will learn how to use it with android and what are the different features it offers.

Register a new Project :

1. Login using your Google Account . Click on “Create New Project”

firebase in android tutorial





2. Give one new name of your project , select one “Country/Region” and click “Create Project”

firebase in android tutorial











3. You will be forwarded to your dashboard. Click on “Add Firebase to your android app”

firebase in android tutorial






4. Enter your application package name (in my case it is com.codevscolor.firebasedemo) and click “Add App”

firebase in android tutorial










5. It will prompt you to download one “google-services.json” file. Save it .

6. Click “Continue” -> “Finish”

7. Click on “Auth” -> Click on “Sign-In Method” -> “Email/Password” and set it enabled.

firebase in android tutorial firebase in android








8. Save it.

Bingo….you have created your first project 🙂 On Next tutorial we will learn how to add firebase to your Android Application.


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