Git can be used easily with Android Studio. (We will not discuss in detail about the git commands in this tutorial. Please check Git Tutorial 1 and Git Tutorial 2 if you find any problem) . So,in this tutorial, we will learn how to create , commit and push a new project to github and pull an existing project from github using Android Studio.
1.Check git is installed or not on your System :
a) Open Android Studio and create a new Sample Project.
b) Click on File->Settings -> Versioin Control-> Git

c) Click on “Test” near “Path to Git Executable”


if “Git Executed successfully” message is displayed it means that git is already installed on your system.
Step 1 : “git init”
VCS -> “Enable Version Control Integration” -> and select “Git” from the dropdown list as shown above
Step 2 : “Git remote add origin”
For this step , we should use “git bash” or if you have installed git integrating with command prompt , we can use it from  Android studio terminal.
 a) Using android studio terminal :
Step 3 : “git add”
VCS -> git -> Add
(Note that you should select your project before clicking “Add”  like below )
Everything added newly to git will be marked with green.
Step 4 :
If you add any new files in future, Android studio will ask to add these files to git or not as :
Step 5 : “git commit”
Click on VCS-> “Commit Changes”
 write one commit message and click on Commit . Now all files will be back to its normal color.
If you make any new changes to an already committed file, its color will be turned to blue.
i.e. Red – File is not added to git
      Green – File is added but not committed yet
      Blue – New changes is added to a file that is committed to git already
Step 6: “git push”
 VCS -> Git -> push
this will push your changes to git server repository.
Step 7: To clone a project :
VCS ->Checkout from version control -> click github or git and paste your git url of the repository that you want to checkout 🙂 . Android studio will sync automatically if any dependency need to be resolved.
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