Introduction :

In this Kotlin programming tutorial, we will learn how to check if a number is positive, negative or zero in Kotlin. We will implement this program with a when block.

The program will ask the user to enter a number. It will read the number, find out if it is negative, positive or zero and print out the result.

Kotlin program :

fun checkInt(i: Int): String {
    return when {
        i < 0 -> "a negative number"
        i > 0 -> "a positive number"
        else -> "zero"

fun main(args: Array) {
    val userInput: Int
    print("Enter a number : ")
    userInput = readLine()?.toInt() ?: 0

    println("$userInput is ${checkInt(userInput)}")

Kotlin check number positive negative zero

Sample Output :

Enter a number : -12
-12 is a negative number

Enter a number : 0
0 is zero

Enter a number : 123
123 is a positive number

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