Python program to calculate discount based on selling price

Find the discount value using user provided values in python :

In this post, we will learn how to find the discount and amount to pay based on predefined discount percentage. So,

  • We will be given a set of discount percentage for a range of prices.
  • We will ask the user to enter the selling price and
  • We will print the discounted price and discount given for that selling price.

Algorithm :

For this example, we will consider the below discount percentages for the mentioned selling price ranges :

$0 - $100 -> 2%
$100 - $500 -> 5%
$500 - $1000 -> 7%
more than $1000 -> 10%

Python progam :

Below is the complete python program :

def getDiscount(amount):
	if amount <= 0:
		return 0;
	elif amount <= 100:
		return amount*.02;
	elif amount <= 500:
		return amount*.05;
	elif amount <= 1000:
		return amount*.07;
		return amount*.1;

if __name__=='__main__':
	selling_price = int(input("Enter selling price : "))
	discount = getDiscount(selling_price)

	print("Discount : {}".format(discount))

Explanation :


  • getDiscount is a method that takes the selling price as argument and returns the discount.
  • At the beginning of the program, we are asking the user to enter the selling price. We are taking this input as int and storing the value in the variable selling_price
  • Next, we are passing the selling_price variable to getDiscount method. It return the discount price. We are storing that value in discount variable.
  • Finally, we are printing the discount price calculated for the selling price.

Sample Output :

(base) ➜  programs python3
Enter selling price : 100
Discount : 20.0
(base) ➜  programs python3
Enter selling price : 100
Discount : 2.0
(base) ➜  programs python3
Enter selling price : 500
Discount : 25.0
(base) ➜  programs python3
Enter selling price : 1000
Discount : 70.0
(base) ➜  programs python3
Enter selling price : 2000
Discount : 200.0

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