Python tutorial to call a function using keyword argument

Python tutorial to call a function using keyword arguments :

In this python tutorial, we will learn what is keyword arguments and how to use Keyword arguments in a function. Normally, a function in python looks like :

python keyword arguments definition

Here, to call this function we need to pass values for both of the parameters first and second. If we don’t send any value to any of these parameters, it will not run. These are known as default arguments.

Keyword arguments are optional arguments. By default, they have one value assigned in the definition of the function. If you don’t set any value while calling the function, it will take the default value. But, if you set any value, it will take the new value. I will explain it with an example below.

Keyword Arguments :

To understand Keyword Argument, let’s take a look at the below program :

python keyword argument

1. This program takes three arguments. First, one name is a default argument. We will always have to add it.
2. Argument message is a keyword argument. If we don’t pass any value to this argument, it will print out the value mentioned in the definition.
3. Argument secondMessage is also a keyword argument as like above.

Pass value for default keyword :

It will produce the below output :

python keyword argument pass value example

So, it will take the value of name and takes the default values for the other keyword arguments.


The above line will also print the same output.

Passing value to a keyword argument :

python keyword argument example


Hello Albert !!
Welcome Again!!
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The below method call will print the same output :

welcomeUser(message = "Welcome Again!!",name = "Albert")

But, if we don’t mention the name, it will throw an error.

welcomeUser(message = "Welcome Again!!", "Albert”)

It will throw one error.

welcomeUser(message = "Welcome Again!!"")

It will also throw the same error because the value for the default keyword name should be mentioned.

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