How can we print spaces in python

Printing spaces or blank spaces can be achieved in multiple ways in python. In this post, I will show you two different ways to print space in python with examples. Let’s have a look :

Method 1: printing spaces in print() :

Simply, if you add any blank spaces in between a string, it adds that while printing :

print("Hello World !!")

It will print :

Hello World !!

Also, we can add spaces by using a empty print() statement :

print("World !!")

It will print :


World !!

Again, if we pass two params to print, it will add one blank space in between the words :

first_word = "Hello"
second_word = "World"


It prints :

Hello World

Method 2: Using a variable :

You can use one variable, if you want to have different amount of blank spaces in a text. For example :

space = ' '
first_word = "Hello"
second_word = "World"


It will print :

Hello World
Hello  World
Hello   World
Hello    World
Hello     World

So, we can use one variable equal to a blank space and multiply it with any number to get a longer blank space.