Compare two numbers using compareTo method in Dart :

In this dart tutorial, we will learn how to compare two numbers using compareTo methods. We know that numbers in dart can be categorized into two types: integer and doubles. Dart has one inbuilt method compareTo to compare two different integer or double variables. We can define this method as below :

int compareTo (
    num other

1. It takes one number variable as argument.
2. The return value is 0 if both numbers are equal, a negative number if the current number is less than the number passing as an argument and a positive number if the current number is greater than the argument number.

One thing we should remember that -0.0 is less than 0.0. Let’s try to implement this with an example :

import 'dart:io';

  stdout.writeln("Enter first number : ");
  double firstNumber = stdin.readLineSync();

  stdout.writeln("Enter second number : ");
  double secondNumber = stdin.readLineSync();

  if(firstNumber.compareTo(secondNumber) == 0){
    stdout.writeln("$firstNumber is equal to $secondNumber");
  }else if(firstNumber.compareTo(secondNumber) < 0){
    stdout.writeln("$firstNumber is smaller than $secondNumber");
    stdout.writeln("$firstNumber is greater than $secondNumber");


Sample Output :

Enter first number : 
Enter second number : 
5 is greater than 2

Enter first number : 
Enter second number : 
3 is equal to 3

Enter first number : 
Enter second number : 
3 is smaller than 4
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