Dart program to convert degree to radian and vice versa

Dart program to convert degree to radian and vice versa:

This program will show you how to convert a value in degree to radian and vice versa. 360° is equal to radians. So, is equal to 2π/360 radian or 0.0174533 radian. Similarly, 1 radian is equal to 360/2π degree.

For raidan, degree conversion, we can write our own methods or we can use a third party library to do that. In this post, I will show you both of these ways.

Write own function to convert degree to radian and vice versa:

Let’s take a look at the below program:

double PI = 3.141592653589793238;

double degreeToRadian(double degree) {
  return degree * PI / 180;

double radianToDegree(double radian) {
  return radian * 180 / PI;

void main() {
  List<double> radianValues = [0, 1, 5, 10, 20];
  List<double> degreeValues = [0, 57.29577951308232, 90, 360];

  for (double radian in radianValues) {
    print("$radian Radian = ${radianToDegree(radian)} Degree");

  for (double degree in degreeValues) {
    print("$degree Degree = ${degreeToRadian(degree)} Radian");


  • PI is a double variable to hold the value of π.
  • degreeToRadian method is used to convert one degree value to radian. It returns the result in double.
  • radianToDegree is used convert one radian value to degree.
  • radianValues is a list of values in radian we wants to convert to degree. Similarly, degreeValues is a list of values in degree that we will convert to radian.
  • Using two for-in loops, we are converting all radian values to degree and all degree values to radian. The print statements are used to print these values to the user.


This program will print the below output:

0.0 Radian = 0.0 Degree
1.0 Radian = 57.29577951308232 Degree
5.0 Radian = 286.4788975654116 Degree
10.0 Radian = 572.9577951308232 Degree
20.0 Radian = 1145.9155902616465 Degree
0.0 Degree = 0.0 Radian
57.29577951308232 Degree = 1.0 Radian
90.0 Degree = 1.5707963267948966 Radian
360.0 Degree = 6.283185307179586 Radian

dart degree radian conversion

Using vector_math library:

vector_math library provides different properties and methods for degree to radian conversion. This is a third party library. Use the below in your pubspec.yaml file:

  vector_math: any

Run pub get to install the library.

Use the below import to import the library:

import 'package:vector_math/vector_math.dart';

We can use the below constants:

degrees2Radians → const double

It converts an angle from degree to radian. And:

radians2Degrees → const double

It gives degree value from radian.

We can also use the below method:

degrees(double radians) → double


radians(double degrees) → double

Both of these methods takes one double value and returns the required double value.

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