How to use stagehand to create dart projects

Use dart stagehand to create a project :

stagehand is a tool to create one dart project easily using the command line. You can use it on command line and create different types of projects. It comes with a couple of different templates that you can use to quickly create your dart project with the minimum required files.

Installation :

Use the below command to install stagehand globally on your system :

pub global activate stagehand

Once the installation is completed, you can use it to create projects.

You can also use it as a dependency :

  stagehand: x.x.x

And import it on any dart file :

import 'package:stagehand/stagehand.dart';

Find available stagehand templates :

Open one terminal, type stagehand and hit enter. It will show you the list of all available generators.

stagehand terminal

Make sure that the path of stagehand is added to the path variable. Else, it will show command not found error.

Check here([[Solved] stagehand command not found - Dart - codevscolor)] to learn more on it.

Create one project :

Let’s create one simple command-line application or console-full. Open one terminal, move to one folder and enter the below command :

stagehand console-full

Stagehand console full

It will create one project with a main.dart inside the bin folder. You need to install the dependencies before running the app. Use the below command to install all dependencies :

pub get

Once the installation completes, you can run the program :

dart bin/main.dart

You can edit the dependencies in the pubspec.yaml file.