Dart program to find the hash value of a string

How to find the hash value of a string in Dart:

We can find the hash code of a dart string easily. It is an integer value, that is calculated from the code units of the string. It will be always different, only for a same string with same sequence of characters will give the same value. We can calculate the hash value of multiple strings and compare them using == operator.

Syntax of hashCode:

The syntax of hashCode is as below:

int get hashCode;

It is defined in the String class of dart.

Example of hashCode:

Let’s write a program to find the hashCode of different strings:

void main() {
  var str_one = "hello";
  var str_two = "world";
  var str_three = "hello";


It will print the below output:


dart string hashcode example

As you can see here, the first and the third print prints the same value because both are same strings.

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