How to change the default theme and download theme in Android Studio

How to change the theme of Android Studio :

Android Studio comes with one dark and one light version of its default theme. The dark theme, darcula is most people’s favourite.

One more advantage of Android Studio is that it is highly customizable. Anyone can create theme and extensions and release it. In this post, I will show you how to switch between the default dark, light themes and how to add a third party theme.

Switching between the default themes:

It is easy. Go to your preference screen and you can change the theme from the Theme option:

android studio theme change

Dracula is the dark theme that is inbuilt in Android Studio.

Third party themes:

Android Studio supports plugins and we can download different types of plugins for various reasons. For themes, there are lots of different options. Go to preference -> plugins and search for theme :

android studio marketplace plugin

You can install any one of these themes or plugins and it will add a different theme to android studio :)