What is string interpolation in dart

Dart string interpolation:

In dart, strings can be created by either using a single quote or double quotes. Using string interpolation, we can insert the result of an expression or a variable in a string. ${expression} is used to insert an expression. For variables, we can skip the {}.

Example of string interpolation:

Below is an example of string interpolation:

import 'dart:io';

void main() {
  print('Enter your age: ');
  var age = int.parse(stdin.readLineSync());

  print('You have entered: $age');
      '${age < 10 ? "Sorry, You are not allowed to play this game !!" : "You can start playing this game"}');


  • We are taking the age of the user as input and storing it in the variable age.
  • The print statements are using string interpolation.
  • The first print statement is printing the age that was entered. Note that we are not using {} to print the age.
  • The second print statement is using an expression to print a message. This expression gives a different message based on the age value. If age is smaller than 10, it gives a message and if it is larger than 10, it gives another message. You can also use a separate function to return the message and call this function from here.
  • Note that, in the second print statement, we are using {} and double quotes. {} is required since this is an expression. But, instead of double quotes, we can also use single quotes since dart supports both.

Sample output:

It will give output as like below:

Enter your age: 
You have entered: 12
You can start playing this game

Enter your age: 
You have entered: 25
You can start playing this game

Enter your age: 
You have entered: 9
Sorry, You are not allowed to play this game !!

dart string interpolation example

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